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Technology is essential for smooth operations and maintaining contact with stakeholders, no matter what type of organization you manage. Circumstances can change rapidly, and the ability to communicate quickly and effectively is the foundation for taking advantage of new opportunities as they arise. Partner with a leader for wireless solutions you can depend on to keep you connected with the people who matter most.

What Are Wireless Solutions?

Wireless solutions are approaches to facilitate communication without the limitations of physical cabling. They help organizations and their employees access resources and stay in contact from different locations and while on the go.

Benefits of Wireless Solutions

The advantages of wireless communication solutions include:

  • Remote connectivity: Reach the network from any branch or home office, or while you are in the field.
  • Device adaptability: Customize your network for access from a wide range of device types.
  • Work efficiency: Select platforms and applications to make it easy to communicate across channels quickly.
  • Analytics functionality: Gain actionable insights from network usage to make more strategic and informed decisions.

Who We Are

Morefield Communications is a Pennsylvania business technology solutions company with experience providing wireless optimization to organizations of all types and sizes. Our expertise allows us to deliver the highest-quality wireless solutions for a broad range of areas, including:

  • Educational institutions.
  • Health care facilities.
  • Small, medium and enterprise-size businesses.
  • Government agencies.
  • Places of worship.

Our Wireless Professional Services

At Morefield Communications, our team is dedicated to offering comprehensive Wi-Fi professional services, including consulting, site surveys and analysis to optimize your network.

Wireless Consulting

When you rely on your wireless technology and its network for your organizational infrastructure, you need to trust it will perform effectively. At Morefield Communications, our team boasts certified wireless design experts who can create a custom solution to meet your unique requirements. Whether your sales team needs to download spec sheets on the road or guests need complimentary access, our commercial Wi-Fi consulting services ensure your network is ready to meet any challenge.

Wi-Fi Site Surveys

Effective Wi-Fi network optimization begins with a solid understanding of the installation location. Three common types of Wi-Fi surveys exist — predictive, passive and active.

We conduct predictive surveys on a new location to establish a network. This approach provides us with accurate measurements for locating access points. Passive and active surveys occur post-installation, monitoring signal strength and equipment performance.

Our engineering team conducts on-premises surveys to:

  • Ensure complete coverage with no gaps or “dead spots.”
  • Determine the best places for access points and equipment placement.
  • Investigate potential sources of interference.
  • Reduce unnecessary costs by limiting access point overlap.
  • Test speed, signal quality and signal coverage at different network points.

Business Wi-Fi Analysis

The professionals at Morefield Communications offer in-depth assessments of existing infrastructure for organizations that already have a network. Our experienced team members can analyze your network’s performance, security and more for effectiveness. We’ll work to determine the cause of any issues you’re experiencing and the suitability of your equipment in serving your future needs. Our technicians can also help if your network requires an upgrade or replacement.

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How Our Managed Wireless Solutions Help You Achieve Organizational Goals

Our objective is simple — to help your organization reach its potential and purpose. Morefield Communications accomplishes this goal with custom business Wi-Fi services designed to offer you advantages like:

  •      Proven reliability: Stay connected consistently to prevent downtime, resolve customer issues and respond to growth opportunities. Our site survey and Wi-Fi analysis services build a strategy for keeping your operations running and your organization online.
  •      Enhanced protection: Benefit from our cybersecurity expertise to safeguard your data, infrastructure and assets more effectively. We’ll configure your network access based on authorization levels, ensuring users have what they need while protecting more sensitive resources and information.
  •      Increased productivity: Support more efficient business processes with a well-designed network. The Morefield Communications team brings together various platforms and wireless technology to make working across devices or channels easier and faster.
  •      A better user experience: Make stakeholders and employees happier with up-to-date technology. Our design team helps you create a network with the scalability and bandwidth to deliver better experiences for everyone involved.

Why Work With Us?

Morefield Communications has been a fixture in Pennsylvania since 1945. For over 70 years, we’ve delivered integrated communications solutions while focusing on exceptional customer service through a team of certified industry professionals. Our technicians and engineers hold the highest levels of credentials and industry education, empowering them to design and implement top-notch solutions.

In addition to our commercial wireless service, Morefield Communications offers a unified communications solution through the integration of:

  •      Managed IT services: Get the benefits of full service and expert tech support with a predictable monthly expense, saving you time and money.
  •      Cloud computing: Leverage the power of the cloud with disaster recovery, backup and desktop solutions with us — we’ll help you experience a seamless transition.
  •      Audio and visual services: Bring more clarity to business communications with complete audio and video services. The Morefield Communications team provides the latest tools and technology to improve your phone calls and video conferences.
  •      Security: Protect business assets with network monitoring, firewalls, data recovery and multifactor authentication tools. Our digital security experts use the most current threat detection and prevention resources in the industry to keep your organization safe.
  •      Consulting: Take advantage of our expertise through comprehensive consulting services. The Morefield Communications team offers analysis and risk assessments on every facet of your unified communications system, from mobile device management to cybersecurity awareness training and technology assessments.
  •      Custom unified solutions: Design your individualized organization plan with some of the most robust technology in the industry — our experts recommend ideal solutions based on your company’s unique demands.

Get a Complete Wireless Solution for Your Organization Today

Discover the benefits choosing Morefield Communications as your technology partner brings. Our full suite of tools and the expertise of our engineers and technicians ensure you get reliable and comprehensive coverage to meet your business needs. Connect with us online to schedule your site survey, analysis or free consultation, or call a specialist at 717-761-6170 for immediate service.

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