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Advanced Cybersecurity Assessment

A robust cybersecurity posture is a must in the modern business environment. Risks can present themselves in your people, processes and technology. As bad actors continue to find new loopholes, they can gain unauthorized access to a company’s most valuable assets.

An in-depth cybersecurity assessment can help you discover those loopholes and take steps to close them before a breach occurs.

Why Get a Cybersecurity Assessment?

It can be challenging to know how prepared your defenses are in this changing landscape without a professional cybersecurity assessment. These services help you pinpoint your unique risk profile, so you have an effective and successful strategy for reducing your exposure and responding to an attack.

Many organizations today seek to meet the Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Under this framework, NIST recommends a set of activities to achieve specific cybersecurity outcomes by implementing five core functions – Identify (ID), Protect (PR), Detect (DE), Respond (RS) and Recover (RC). These functions aid an organization in expressing its management of cybersecurity risk by organizing information, enabling risk management decisions, addressing threats, and improving by learning from previous activities.

A thorough cybersecurity assessment helps your organization meet these guidelines by looking at your business environment (BE). That means examining your business purpose, goals, stakeholders and activities. These factors inform your cybersecurity efforts and support data-driven decisions for better risk management.

The specific guideline encouraging regular cybersecurity assessments is ID.BE-1-3. Its goal is to ensure data integrity, availability and confidentiality by:

  •    Identifying your organizational role in the supply chain.
  •    Determining your critical infrastructure.
  •    Creating safeguarding methods.
  •    Communicating priorities, activities and objectives across the organization.

Enhance Your Organization's Security

Our Cybersecurity Assessment Process

At Morefield, we take a systematic approach to your evaluation and consider both external and internal threats. Your dedicated cybersecurity assessment consultant will begin with an initial meeting to determine the study’s precise scope.

Next, your consultant will create an overall evaluation of your unique risk status by examining your:

  •       Processes and workflows, to ensure data is flowing through appropriate channels.
  •       Network and software, to determine suitable access management.
  •       Workforce, to gauge its cybersecurity awareness.
  •       Existing security policies and protocols, to ensure they’re robust and enforceable.

Our in-depth assessment includes:

  •       A gap analysis to show vulnerable areas.
  •       Your organizational risk tolerance levels.
  •       Your business goals.
  •       Your regulatory compliance environment.
  •       A presentation of findings.


What You Get With Our Cybersecurity Assessment Services

Our professional presentation of findings includes:

  •       An overview of your environment: We provide a high-level rating of your current cybersecurity posture.
  •       An in-depth look at your threat landscape: Our consultant delivers detailed information on your particular vulnerabilities and organizational risks, aligning them to the NIST CSF standards.
  •       A prioritized roadmap: We give you a blueprint with recommended mitigation strategies ordered by risk level.


Why Choose Morefield?

Businesses consistently trust Morefield for cybersecurity assessments because of our:

  •       Consultative approach: We strive to understand your business in-depth — what you do, why and how. As a result, you get a tailored report with meaningful insights to address your company’s needs, risks and limitations.
  •       Expertise: Our cybersecurity assessment team draws on extensive industry knowledge and best practices. You’ll have a knowledgeable partner to help you develop more cybersecurity confidence and harden your defenses.
  •       Superior service: We pride ourselves on creating unmatched customer experiences. We’re responsive, fast and committed to our customers’ satisfaction.
  •       Comprehensiveness: Morefield is a one-stop solution for all your technology needs. We can help you strengthen your security posture with other services like physical security measures, vulnerability assessments and cybersecurity training.

Partner With Morefield for an Enhanced Cybersecurity Assessment

Take control of your organization’s risks with a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment from the experts at Morefield. We can help you better understand your company’s particular vulnerabilities and craft a proactive and actionable strategy to remedy them while meeting your goals.

Contact a Morefield specialist online, or request your complimentary 10-minute consultation to see how we can help.

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