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Turn to a local Camp Hill business technology company with the experience and skills to solve your most complex challenges. We know the area better than other technology providers because our business was started in Camp Hill and is headquartered in Camp Hill to this day.

Morefield is the top Managed Service Provider in Camp Hill, with over 75 years of experience helping businesses across industries. Our team of experts will work by your side to provide long-lasting solutions to give your employees and customers a more positive experience.

How We Can Help

As business technology consultants in Camp Hill, we offer the most comprehensive, all-in-one IT and communications services. Our solutions include:

  • Professional Services and Consulting: We assess, monitor and maintain your technology so it continues to operate in top form. Our team of consultants will help you find individualized solutions designed to elevate your business’s efficiency. We make it a focus to stay up-to-date with the latest technological advancements so you can make sure that you are getting the most value from your investment.
  • IT Solutions: Our experts use the highest-level technology and preventative strategies to enhance your IT equipment. We also provide managed support to fit your business needs.
  • Security: We will work to assess your existing security infrastructure and then implement customized solutions to ensure that your network is secure from any type of attack. Our experts will use robust firewalls, antivirus & anti-malware solutions, along with testing to make sure that your network is safe so you have peace of mind knowing it will perform effectively. To help keep your employees, customers, and facility safe, we offer custom physical security solutions such as access control systems and CCTV systems. Our experts will make sure that you are protected.
  • Collaboration Services: Our unified communications services give you the ability to integrate all your communications systems, from phone to email to video, on one platform. This consolidation will make life easier for you, your employees and customers.
  • Cloud and Managed Services: Let Morefield handle your system management responsibilities such as administration, data backup and more. We keep your system operations under control, whether you have an on-premises or cloud network.
  • Audio/Visual: Do you experience poor quality or lagging audio/visual systems? Reliable AV systems give you better communication and display capabilities thanks to our video conferencing, digital signage, video projection technology and more.

Benefits For Your Organization

If you’re looking for a way to drive up efficiency and productivity, the solution could be rooted in your technology. At Morefield, we can perform an assessment, find areas for improvement and work with you to develop the best solution.

We set ourselves apart with our commitment to integration and creating convenient service options. We know it can be a challenge to determine what technology or system improvements you need. We can help you make these business-critical decisions. Plus, we can adapt to fit the requirements of both small and large business settings.


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Hear From Our Customers

“Thanks Morefield! Your technician completed all of our computers so quickly and efficiently that there was no interruption to our clinic schedule. Much appreciated!”

Tina S., Healthcare Office Director
Health Care, Cloud and Managed Services, IT Customer, Security

“Our technician made it good. His friendly and communicative interaction was a pleasure to experience. His manner and knowledge allowed me to feel confident that I was being taken care of properly. Thanks Morefield!”

Jason D., Vice President
Small/Medium Business, IT Customer

“Helpful, friendly, pleasant technician. Prompt service. Thank you Morefield Communications!”

Joe A., Director of Operations
Worship Centers, IT Customer

“Morefield got to the bottom of our A/V issues quickly and their communication was efficient.”

Tammy S., Education Director
Education, A/V Customer

“Our technician is always helpful and professional. He helps us resolve our issues and find new ways to support our telephone needs. Thank you!!”

Rob C., CIO
Enterprise, Security, Unified Communications
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