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Are you looking for the ideal business IT service provider in Altoona, PA? Morefield offers high-grade IT services and much more for a variety of small and large companies in Pennsylvania. Morefield offers high-grade IT services and much more for a variety of small and large companies in Pennsylvania. As an managed service provider, we are able to fulfill all of your technology needs as a low monthly cost. Gone are the days of large capital expenses for each technology upgrade.

Our solutions are designed to take the weight of managing network technology off your shoulders while speeding up business operations.

Find out more about the business technology solutions we offer in Altoona.

How We Can Help

At Morefield, we offer a complete line of services and technology for businesses in need of system and network improvements. Our services include:

  • Professional Services and Consulting
  • IT Solutions
  • Cyber and Physical Security
  • Collaboration & Unified Communications
  • Cloud and Managed Services
  • Audio/Visual Solutions

Our network services include consulting, monitoring, maintenance and technical support. We can determine the most effective solutions for your system as well as protect against and respond to threats or malfunctions. We use IT solutions and security software and equipment to ensure your systems remain safe and in working order.

We also offer cloud services if you store your data on the cloud or would like to convert to a wide area network. Our expertise includes data analytics and protection, infrastructure, wide network access for employees and program integration. With our managed services in Altoona, PA, you can benefit from these solutions and more.

The Morefield team can install and optimize your communication channels with our collaboration solutions. We can integrate your systems into one platform so everyone has quick, easy access to all channels.

Benefits For Your Organization

Building a strong, high-functioning system of network, IT and communication components can be a challenge. That’s why it’s important to partner with seasoned professionals who have a long history of working with business-level IT.

Morefield has been working with businesses for over 75 years in industries such as financial, legal, health care, government, non-profit and small businesses. Thanks to our large variety of services, we surpass other companies in the business technology industry with our ability to integrate solutions and streamline system processes.

We are a one-stop-shop, offering everything you need to create a secure, reliable network and meet your specific IT requirements. Plus, receive maintenance and support on all your systems without having to work with multiple vendors.

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Hear From Our Customers

“Thanks Morefield! Your technician completed all of our computers so quickly and efficiently that there was no interruption to our clinic schedule. Much appreciated!”

Tina S., Healthcare Office Director
Health Care, Cloud and Managed Services, IT Customer, Security

“Our technician made it good. His friendly and communicative interaction was a pleasure to experience. His manner and knowledge allowed me to feel confident that I was being taken care of properly. Thanks Morefield!”

Jason D., Vice President
Small/Medium Business, IT Customer

“Helpful, friendly, pleasant technician. Prompt service. Thank you Morefield Communications!”

Joe A., Director of Operations
Worship Centers, IT Customer

“Morefield got to the bottom of our A/V issues quickly and their communication was efficient.”

Tammy S., Education Director
Education, A/V Customer

“Our technician is always helpful and professional. He helps us resolve our issues and find new ways to support our telephone needs. Thank you!!”

Rob C., CIO
Enterprise, Security, Unified Communications
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