January 2023

Onsite vs. Remote IT Support

[4 min. read] Businesses need IT to function optimally, regardless of size, industry or scope. Successful IT support is essential for companies to run, expand and maintain operational best practices. IT support services perform many mission-critical functions, from addressing technology-based challenges to writing complex software. Onsite IT and remote options have benefits, but which is best […]

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CFO & Cybersecurity Experts to Speak at PICPA 2023 Conference

Join Morefield at the Pennsylvania Institute Of Certified Public Accountants 2023 Conference We are honored to have our Chief Financial Officer (CFO), LeeAnne Stump, and Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO), Allan Jacks, participate in this year’s conference discussing being a strategic leader and cybersecurity in the financial industry. LeeAnne will team-up with Elizabeth Wilson, […]

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7 Benefits of IT Outsourcing for Your Business

[4 min. read] As businesses evolve in an ever-changing landscape, the need for robust IT is becoming increasingly important. IT is necessary to meet customer demand and streamline a business’s operational procedures to assist employees in their jobs. Without IT support, businesses cannot operate, making the choice of IT service providers fundamental. Small and medium businesses […]

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Mobile Carriers Implement a New Registration Requirement to Verify Messaging – Register by March 31, 2023

Mobile carriers implemented a new registration requirement to help verify messaging traffic from business phone numbers. These requirements apply to all customers sending SMS from long code numbers, regardless of country and use case. Why is this happening? As business SMS traffic increases, so do scammers sending fraudulent messages. Per the 10 Digital Long Code […]

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Morefield MSP Newsletter January 2023

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