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Virtual Chief Information Security Officer Services

Today’s businesses house extensive amounts of information that are attractive targets for bad actors, reinforcing the need for robust protection. In larger enterprises, that’s often the goal of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). For smaller organizations with tighter budgets, this can be a challenging role to fill.

Meet the solution — a virtual CISO (vCISO) ready to lend its expertise to companies of all types and sizes.

What Are Virtual CISO Services?

Virtual CISO services make first-rate security and data protection experts available through a contractual agreement. Engagement can occur at your preferred frequency, lending flexibility and affordability to the process. At each interaction, your vCISO helps analyze, strategize and remediate your current security posture and framework to improve its defenses and protection capabilities.

Morefield proudly offers vCISO services to clients to deliver a wide range of benefits.

Benefits of Our vCISO Services

In addition to flexibility and budget-friendliness, professional vCISO services from Morefield offer advantages like:

  •    Expertise: Our vCISO professionals have specialized experience in numerous industries. They can bring their skills to various companies and access a team of experts in other areas for extra support.
  •    Measurable performance: You select the metrics that matter most to track your key goals. The results you get are objective and demonstrate meaningful progress.
  •    Scalability: Our services can grow and change as your business demands do. You can increase or decrease scope and engagement frequency as necessary.
  •    Permanence: You get confidence from a dedicated expert and point of contact. There are no hiring, training or turnover issues.

Plus, our services conform to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines and its Cybersecurity Framework (CSF). As threats evolve, NIST prepares for its next-level framework, CSF 2.0. Our vCISO services will also meet these upcoming changes.

Enhance Your Organization's Security

The Morefield vCISO Process

We customize each vCISO engagement to your particular organizational goals and needs. Each begins with an initial stakeholder meeting where we’ll pinpoint your gaps, establish your risk tolerance and define your goals.

Our services continue with:

  •       Holistic vulnerability assessments.
  •       A review of current standards, protocols, controls and policies.
  •       A presentation of findings complete with recommendations and a blueprint for achievement.

Each engagement comes bundled with a robust set of security tools, including:

  •       CyberCNS, for vulnerability and compliance scanning.
  •       KnowBe4, to increase end user cybersecurity awareness through training and phishing exercises.
  •       Optional Perch Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Operations Center (SOC) services.


What Do You Get?

  •       Assistance in creating and maintaining your policies, controls, protocols and standards.
  •       Ongoing vulnerability assessments and feedback.
  •       An in-depth weekly threat intelligence report.
  •       A monthly data analytics report on your key metrics with recommendations.
  •       Tabletop exercises for incident response.
  •       Annual disaster recovery and business continuity testing.
  •       Vendor and third-party access due diligence.
  •       Monthly or quarterly vCISO meetings.
  •       Annual personally identifiable information (PII) analysis.
  •       Customized end-user awareness and risk security evaluation.
  •       Organizational representation to senior leadership.


Why vCISO Services From Morefield?

At Morefield, we take an in-depth approach to getting to know your business. That helps us better understand what you do and why and how you do it to inform our strategies — we can better align our services with your company’s limitations, risks and needs.

An emphasis on collaboration supports this approach. We work as an extension of your existing team to develop more maturity in your cybersecurity level. As a result, this partnership reduces organizational risks in your people, processes, tech stack and data.

Get vCISO Services From Our Experienced Experts

No matter your organization’s size or industry, our vCISO services are an ideal solution for getting the top-level security expertise you need.

Start with a 10-minute consultation to see how we can help, or connect with a Morefield representative for more information.

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