The workforce in Pennsylvania is becoming increasingly mobile and many organizations desire to enable their employees to effectively and efficiently work wherever is most convenient. By providing a clear corporate mobile policy and the tools necessary to enable a successful mobile implementation, our clients find that they can respond to their coworkers, customers, vendors and partners more quickly. The return phone call that used to have to wait until they were back at their desk no longer has to wait. Employees can work remotely from their home office or while on the road and still be as reachable as if they were in the office.

Single Number Reach and Smartphone Access

With our expert solutions, employees can use a single corporate number to be reached at the office, at their home office, or on their mobile device. Our mobile solutions can allow voice calling, video calling, conferencing, and instant (or team) messaging wherever they are whenever they need it. This will allow employees to:

  • Move calls between the desk phone and their mobile device
  • Make calls from their mobile device with their corporate phone number as Caller ID
  • Get notified of voice mail messages on their mobile device and access their voice mail messages
  • Get their voice mail messages transcribed to text and sent as an email
  • Schedule and join collaborative meetings from their mobile device
  • See real time presence information of their coworkers and send them an instant message from their mobile device


Remote Contact Centers

Many of our clients will allow their contact center agents to work from home while maintaining accountability through real-time and historical reporting. Agents love that they can work from home. Supervisors love that they can see who is logged in and taking customer calls in real time, no matter where they are geographically. They also love that they can run historical
reports to verify that agents are logging in on time and see details of their customer contacts.

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Mobile Device Management

Morefield can also assist with Mobile Device Management solutions that will allow companies to
monitor, manage, and secure their mobile devices and corporate data. Our clients love that our
solutions provide centralized management, easy endpoint deployment, content management
and filtering, app store restrictions, remote deployment of applications, and live analytics to
enable quick troubleshooting and issue resolution.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) vs. Corporately Owned, Personally Enabled (COPE)

Many clients are finding that when they hire new employees, those employees almost always already have a personal cell phone that they would not mind using for work. With a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy, Morefield can help your organization:

  •      Reduce costs and complexity
  •      Eliminate or reduce the corporate cellular phones and cellular plans
  •      Maintain the security of your corporate data and a professional corporate image

Of course, some clients prefer to provide employees corporately owned devices and enable
them for limited personal use (COPE). Some clients choose a mix of personally owned and
corporately owned devices. Whatever strategy you choose, Morefield Communications is here
to enable your success in implementing the plan.

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Hear From Our Customers

“Thanks Morefield! Your technician completed all of our computers so quickly and efficiently that there was no interruption to our clinic schedule. Much appreciated!”

Tina S., Healthcare Office Director
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“Our technician made it good. His friendly and communicative interaction was a pleasure to experience. His manner and knowledge allowed me to feel confident that I was being taken care of properly. Thanks Morefield!”

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“Helpful, friendly, pleasant technician. Prompt service. Thank you Morefield Communications!”

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“Morefield got to the bottom of our A/V issues quickly and their communication was efficient.”

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“Our technician is always helpful and professional. He helps us resolve our issues and find new ways to support our telephone needs. Thank you!!”

Rob C., CIO
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