Disaster Recovery as a Service

Your company accumulates substantial amounts of data over time. And since data is the single most valuable asset to your business, data loss is painful and problematic — the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) asserts that many companies do not reopen following data losses. However, managed services, available from Morefield Communications offer the best ways to store and protect critical data.

What Is Disaster Recovery as a Service?

Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) offers a cloud-based data protection solution for data loss. Your company can back up its data onto an off-site server, which prepares you for recovery after a disaster interrupts your business. First, you create a business impact analysis (BIA) to determine the necessary operations of your business. Then, you implement your data recovery (DR) plan to cover those operations, including a plan for disaster recovery.

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What Data Does IT Disaster Recovery as a Service Protect?

At Morefield Communication, we recognize that IT disaster recovery is an essential element of risk management. Our DRaaS provides security and protection from common problems such as:

  •      Natural disasters: Hurricanes, floods, wildfires and other severe weather can destroy computers where the company stores its data.
  •      Power outages: Shutting systems down without warning causes the loss of unsaved data and affects the life span of hard drives.
  •      Cyberattacks: Unauthorized users can steal or delete information.
  •      Viruses and malware: Phishing attacks trick employees into clicking corrupted links that insert program codes onto the computer designed to steal and damage files.
  •      Computer theft: Unattended laptops and devices pose the threat of data breaches and stolen equipment.

What Are the Benefits of Disaster Recovery as a Service?

Each type of disaster poses unique problems and challenges. When working with a DRaaS provider like Morefield Communications, you will be less stressed and more prepared with benefits that include:

  •      Rapid recovery: DRaaS replicates your data in real-time to prevent issues. Minimal downtime and automatic failover allow you to maintain productivity as you return to work quickly.
  •      Integrated implementation: Suppose your DRaaS provider is too close to your business. In that case, they could be affected by the same natural disaster, power outage or another local emergency. Disaster recovery works best with dispersed but integrated sites.
  •      Predictable pricing: For any size business, investing in data recovery typically comes at a fixed cost each month for a specific amount of storage. As your business grows and your workload changes, you can request more storage.
  •      Specialized support: Disaster recovery teams provide consistent service with fast response times and practical answers. Plus, our customer-centric model of communication puts you first when disaster strikes.

Partner With Morefield Communications for Technology Disaster Recovery as a Service

With over 70 years of experience, our team is trained and qualified to help you. If you’re looking to implement disaster recovery as a service in Pennsylvania, partner with Morefield Communications for unlimited help desk support and manageable monthly payments. Feel free to contact us online or give us a call at 717-761-6170 for more information.

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