Infrastructure as a Service

Morefield Communications offers infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions that deliver the reliability, flexibility and certified support that fit your organization’s needs.

Our high-performance virtual server infrastructure solutions are scalable for any business. We offer many solutions, such as complete enterprise builds, specific system for focused application support and CoLocation.

What Is Infrastructure as a Service?

Infrastructure as a service, also called hardware as a service (HaaS), is a common delivery model for cloud services that delivers virtualized computing resources over the internet.

Customers purchase access to managed information technology (IT) infrastructure from a third-party cloud service provider. Service providers in the IaaS space provide data center storage, compute, hardware and other infrastructure to customers, along with the necessary networking needed to manage and access the infrastructure.

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Benefits of Infrastructure as a Service

The primary benefits of IaaS include:

  1. Cost efficiency: End users reap significant cost savings with the adaptive scalability of cloud servers. With infrastructure as a service, customers do not have to overpay for excess premise capacity they may not need.
  2. Reliability: Services are less likely to be interrupted by downtime or performance issues due to spikes in demand.  These services can easily be balanced or replicated across multiple US based data centers.
  3. Scalability: By combining cloud servers’ computing power, providers offer highly scalable services that can adapt on-demand to the rapid growth of an organization.  Implementation time for the initial server setup is greatly reduced as the hardware and licensing within the host system has already been provisioned.

Morefield Communications: Your No.1 IaaS Provider in Pennsylvania

For over 75 years, Morefield Communications has designed cloud solution plans tailored to specific business goals. Whether you’d like to start small with basic cloud services or set up an entire suite of them, our team of competent engineers and technicians can help.

Meet or exceed the performance of on-premises solutions, adapt to changing needs or accelerate your opportunities while keeping your focus on your core business. Our expert team of VMware-certified engineers manages infrastructure built on industry-leading platforms such as Cisco, Veeam, VMware and Zerto.  Because our infrastructure is built on validated Cisco architecture, you’ll have the agility and confidence to combine premise-based solutions with cloud and managed services.

When you invest in technology solutions for your organization, you guard sensitive data, increase efficiency, gain valuable customers and more. As a leading business technology solutions company serving Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland, we will:

  1. Help you integrate and enhance your technology for greater efficiency.
  2. Optimize the most complex technological systems.
  3. Combine the local values of a community-based business with the expertise and resources of a large organization.
  4. Enhance your workplace’s productivity by installing and maintaining every facet of your business technology for integrated solutions.

Let Morefield Communications Help You Increase Your Scaling Potential

As an IaaS provider serving clients throughout Pennsylvania, Morefield Communications will help you move as many functions from your on-premises network to the cloud as you are comfortable with, helping your company add revenue at a faster rate.

Keep your technology running smoothly with IaaS solutions from Morefield Communications and reach out to a representative today.

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