May 2022

On-Premises vs. Cloud

on premise vs cloud solutions

What is better: on-premises or cloud? Many established companies wonder if it’s worth it to transition out of their on-premises technological infrastructure and move on to the cloud. In contrast, several newer companies wonder if they should invest their early capital in on-premises systems. To choose which option is right for your company, you need to be aware […]

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Finding Backup Internet for Your Business

how to find backup internet for your business

If you’re asking yourself whether or not your business should have backup internet, the answer is likely yes. Now more than ever, companies are operating with cloud-based software as a service (SaaS), file storage, telephone service and video conferencing. Using the cloud is convenient and can streamline your business processes. But it also makes any […]

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Going on Vacation Soon? Don’t Forget to Prepare Your Devices

Memorial Day, the unofficial kick-off to the summer, is just around the corner and for many that means vacation-time. We rarely leave our smartphones, tablets, and laptops at home when we go on a trip. 74% of people get anxious about leaving their phones home when they go out anywhere, even to the grocery store. […]

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Maximize your Remote Workforce Strategy with Evolve IP & Morefield

Great session understanding the challenges businesses are facing with supporting remote workers IT and Collaboration needs. Discussion was flowing as we dug into highly secure desktop solutions that are voice and video ready and not dependent on hardware, location, or availability of a VPN connection. The success of many businesses depend on critical solutions like […]

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Morefield MSP Newsletter May 2022

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