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Backup as a service (BaaS) is becoming a staple for businesses across a wide range of industries. BaaS is a modern alternative to traditional data backup approaches, allowing organizations to purchase recovery and backup services from outside, cloud-based providers. These providers use automated, off-site backup services to protect files and folders against natural disasters and other threats of loss.

BaaS is perfect for businesses that don’t want to invest money into an in-house information technology (IT) infrastructure or that have reached the limits of their on-premises backup capabilities.

Morefield Communications is a strategic service provider with over 75 years of experience helping leaders transform business through the power of technology. No matter your organization’s size, we can help you meet your needs for cloud services in Pennsylvania.

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What Is Backup as a Service?

Backup as a service stores files and folders off-site. It’s also known as an online backup service or cloud backup. When you engage BaaS, a managed service provider regularly backs up your company’s data to an off-site data center over the internet. Using BaaS rather than an on-site backup provides better protection from losing data due to ransomware, user error or other issues.

Working with a managed service provider for backups allows your IT department to focus on critical tasks for your business instead of worrying about managing and maintaining backups.

Benefits of Cloud Backup Services

Backup as a service offers many benefits, including:

  •      BaaS is more cost-effective than appliances, tape drives or other software and hardware elements required to perform a backup.
  •      RPO (Recovery Point Objectives) can be customized for each BaaS routine to mitigate the business disruption caused from a loss of data
  •      If data is deleted or lost, backups are available and easily located due to multiple levels of redundancy.
  •      Because your information is stored in the cloud, you are not subject to the typical threats of user error, natural disasters, and ransomware.
  •      The convenience of BaaS allows you to focus on your everyday tasks worry-free.

Secure and Efficient Cloud Backup Services

Whether you are complementing an existing backup solution or installing a new one, Morefield Communications’ Cloud Connect powered by Veeam provides a cloud-based storage destination for existing server infrastructures that are:

  •      Secure: Encrypt your backup at source, in flight and at rest while seamlessly facilitating data transfer to the cloud.
  •      Efficient: Get your backups off-site easily and quickly without adding bandwidth. Our data backup as a service leverages forever-incremental backups to maximize restore points while minimizing data transfer with available wide area network (WAN) Acceleration.
  •      Seamless: Use your cloud repository like a local backup. Simply make your cloud repository a target for any backup copy job by opening the Veeam backup console — no additional Veeam licensing or download is required.

Backup and Replication: A Solution for Your Business Needs

At Morefield Communications, we recommend the 3-2-1 rule for backup and replication for your organization. To prevent data loss in any scenario, you should have:

  •      Three copies of your data — one production copy and two backups.
  •      Stored on two different types of media in a single or across multiple data centers
  •      At least one backup copy located off-site.

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If you’re interested in getting started with cloud technology, trust the engineers and technicians at Morefield Communications. We specialize in cloud solutions for businesses throughout Pennsylvania.

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