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Wireless Solutions for Senior Living Communities in PA

Continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) in Pennsylvania and across the country navigate a changing technological landscape today to meet residents’ needs. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, CCRCs have encountered new challenges as the need for social distancing, following current pandemic guidelines and protecting residents’ health is paramount.

Many companies in the field have begun to embrace options like virtual zoom tours and wireless video calling access to help residents explore their community while staying safe. As residents want more ways to connect with the world around them, fast access to Wi-Fi connectivity is crucial.

At Morefield Communications, we understand that CCRCs need trusted technological solutions to keep residents connected. We’re committed to providing the solutions communities like yours need with the newest retirement community wireless options. With our services, you can streamline communication and help provide the best possible experience for residents.

Why Senior Communities Need Their Networks Ready

When you’re a provider who manages services and care for senior communities, you must address many priorities. So why are networking and wireless technology a key consideration?

Several factors in today’s industry landscape make your network access and capabilities a leading concern.

Supporting Community Success

Your network solutions are critical to your communities’ overall success and residential engagement. With the right managed IT infrastructure, you can better protect vulnerable client data, optimize communications across the enterprise and maintain transparency with your residents and their families.

Having reliable Internet is essential to residents, whether they want to call their grandkids regularly or follow what’s happening in the news. The needs of seniors in these communities require fast and dependable Internet access that fits how they’ll use it.

Increasing Access Points

Residents increasingly use technology as current trends lead them to engage more with their community, families and staff through wireless access. Today, they want more access points and a robust IT infrastructure to support their day-to-day wireless usage needs.

Your network capabilities are critical to your residents’ well-being and ability to engage with others. With the right solutions, you can prevent “dead spots” in your network and ensure your residents have multiple access points for reliable and speedy Internet connections.

Offering a Competitive Edge

In the CCRC industry, you need the right offerings to attract potential residents and demonstrate your community is the best fit for them. You need the robust tools, automation and optimized communication capabilities you can get from the right wireless solutions.

As technology evolves, having a strong network and managed IT system is vital to maintaining a competitive edge in your sector. Wi-Fi is becoming increasingly crucial to daily operations, especially with new technologies and many video call options for communicating. When you invest in wireless solutions, you’ll help keep your business on the right track while remaining competitive.

Streamlining Staff Coordination

A robust infrastructure offers critical staff benefits, helping your team collaborate and communicate more efficiently than ever. With faster and more effective communication options, your staff will better care for residents while coordinating care strategically.

Plus, your network can significantly impact company culture and workplace morale — strong communication builds up your entire workforce on the job. Providing excellent wireless solutions makes your staff’s day-to-day jobs more manageable and helps them focus on what matters most — caring for residents.

Looking for IT Support in the healthcare industry

We Can Help

CCRC Wireless Solutions from Morefield

If you’re looking for trusted solutions to match your wireless infrastructure needs, Morefield can help. We offer a range of services to help you get high-quality wireless networks that keep residents and staff engaged. When you work with us, we’ll optimize an existing or brand-new network based on your unique applications and needs.

Explore our available services and let us help provide the best solutions for your community’s needs.

Wi-Fi Consulting

When residents rely on your wireless technology, you need a high-performance network that’s reliable and versatile to their needs. At Morefield Communications, we provide expert consultations and network designs to fit your industry’s unique needs.

Our certified wireless design team will work with you to create a fully customized solution. We’ll also identify potential network challenges and help ensure you’re equipped to manage them seamlessly.

Wi-Fi Site Survey

To leverage the best Wi-Fi network optimization for your needs, our team conducts surveys to evaluate access points and monitor ongoing performance. We offer predictive surveys before network setup and passive and active surveys after installation to ensure the network is working optimally. Our services include:

  •      Selecting the best locations for equipment and access point placement.
  •      Reducing unnecessary costs by preventing access point overlap.
  •      Monitoring signal quality, speed and coverage across different network points on-site.
  •      Ensuring full network coverage at the site.
  •      Investigating potential interferences sources.


Wi-Fi Analysis

If you have an existing network you want to optimize, our professionals will provide an in-depth analysis of your current infrastructure. We’ll work with you to monitor your network’s security and performance and help troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing. Additionally, we can offer replacement or upgrade services if necessary to help you achieve optimal network performance.


Who Choose Morefield?

As experts in wireless support for senior housing and care homes, Morefield Communications has been a local Pennsylvania technology partner for over 75 years. Today, we continue to deliver on our mission of high-quality network and IT solutions for our clients. Whatever your requirements and your residents’ unique needs, we’re here to help create the best possible solutions for you.

We offer options at several different price points so you can find the right choice for your budget and applications. When you work with us, you can be confident in our outstanding customer support and personalized solutions for your business. As an agile, local company, we’re committed to offering fast turnaround times and conservative financial management for our clients.

Are you interested in learning more about how our solutions can fit your senior communities’ wireless needs? Our expert team is here to help in any way we can. To get started, reach out to us and book your call today.

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