The Legal IT Landscape

Law firms handle legal cases for individuals and businesses. As a result, they must store, manage and protect personal data about their clients. Due to the high level of sensitive information they handle, law firms have become a primary target for cyberattacks.

Since firms are an attractive target for hackers and often have ineffective security measures, the legal industry experiences an increasing number of cyberattacks. In 2021, 25% of law firms experienced a security breach. Without adequate data protection measures, these organizations are vulnerable to breaches, resulting in significant downtime, losses and liabilities. These losses include client loyalty — clients are more likely to terminate their partnership with a law firm that has been successfully breached.

Safeguard and streamline your business with superior information technology (IT) services for law firms. Morefield is dedicated to helping Pennsylvania companies integrate and enhance their technologies for security and IT management. With our cybersecurity for law firms, you can protect your firm and its clients from sensitive data leaks.

Challenges the Legal Industry Faces

Some security concerns in the legal industry include:

  • Lack of security policies: Other industries must comply with various security laws to protect customer data. However, the legal industry does not have regulatory guidelines for data protection and is less likely to be prepared for security issues. The 2022 Legal Technology Survey Report from the American Bar Association (ABA) found that only 42% of law firms have an incident response plan for cyberattacks. As a result, data protection standards between firms are inconsistent, allowing the industry to be a target for data theft, misuse and alteration.
  • Technology integration: The IT network in a law firm is critical for its operation. Lawyers and their clients communicate regularly, often using email to exchange information. Case data is also stored, retrieved and archived in a digital database. Successful cyberattacks can cause the firm’s network to shut down. Downtime causes the firm to lose money because employees cannot access critical records or count billable hours for clients.
  • Social engineering: A law firm’s employees are the most vital element in preventing data breaches. Hackers use methods such as phishing and ransomware to attempt to infiltrate a law firm’s network. If employees are untrained in cybersecurity, they can unwittingly allow bad actors to steal network credentials and data and put the firm’s reputation at risk. The 2021 Verizon Data Breach Investigation report found that hackers used phishing in 36% of breaches.

Looking for IT Support in the legal industry?

We Can Help

Our IT Services for Law Firms

Your clients trust you to handle their cases thoroughly and efficiently while protecting their sensitive data. You can accelerate your operations by improving your law firm’s IT with these services and solutions from Morefield:

  •       Security: Our legal cybersecurity services safeguard your confidential information from unauthorized sources through solutions like firewalls, authentication services, authentication services, disaster recovery and virus monitoring. You can also protect your firm’s location with physical security services like access control, situation monitoring and closed-circuit television (CCTV).
  •       Managed IT and networking: We enable you to focus your energy on your clients by shifting your IT responsibilities from your team to our IT professionals. We take over all areas of your IT with our managed IT for law firms, such as wide-area network solutions, IT infrastructure life cycles, software updates, help desk support and much more.
  •       Unified communications: With our unified communications services, we integrate all your communication technologies — including email, phone and video — into a single platform to simplify interactions within and outside your firm. Our communication solutions can impact how your law firm communicates internally, improving its productivity. You can also communicate with your clients better to enhance customer service and improve their experience.

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Why Choose Morefield for Legal Cybersecurity Services?

Morefield strives to become a trusted partner for your law firm, aiding your company’s security and communication. Founded in 1945, we’ve cultivated more than 75 years of industry expertise that we’ll use to identify and implement the ideal business technologies for your law firm while delivering exceptional customer service. When you work with us, we’ll implement top-of-the-line solutions and services to restore efficiency to your business while meeting your individualized needs.

Be Prepared and Invest in Your Firm’s Security

You can ensure that your law firm delivers streamlined services while protecting sensitive information with IT services from Morefield. We maintain client satisfaction by providing superior services, quick turnaround times and ongoing support.
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