Vulnerability Assessment

Advanced Vulnerability Assessment

Business moves fast these days as market demands change and shift. A swift pace can make it easier to overlook critical updates and security patches. Unfortunately, bad actors know this and quickly exploit these potential weaknesses.

A complete vulnerability assessment can help you discover missed updates, patches and other issues that can create backdoors.

Why You Need a Vulnerability Assessment

Depending on your industry, a regulatory agency may mandate vulnerability assessments at least annually for high-risk systems. For example, financial services, health care and retail companies must abide by multiple privacy laws to secure access to sensitive information.

Plus, many organizations rely on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines to help inform their cybersecurity efforts. This Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) focuses on action — identify, protect, detect, respond and recover.

Detection (DE) responsibilities include continuous monitoring (CM). Vulnerability assessments satisfy this requirement and fall under standard DE.CM-8. A holistic analysis like the one Morefield performs scans for internal and external threats. We evaluate factors like:

  •    Routers and networks for password hacking.
  •    Network readiness against distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS), man-in-the-middle attacks and intrusions.
  •    Port scanning.
  •    Software and operating system configurations, patches and updates.
  •    Current security policies governing access and identity management, such as required password changes and deprovisioning.

Enhance Your Organization's Security

Our Cybersecurity Assessment Process

At Morefield, we take a systematic approach to your evaluation and consider both external and internal threats. Your dedicated cybersecurity assessment consultant will begin with an initial meeting to determine the study’s precise scope.

Morefield’s Vulnerability Assessment Process

Each assessment begins with a kickoff meeting with your dedicated cybersecurity vulnerability consultant. During this meeting, we’ll establish your project’s scope, completion time frame and business goals.

Your consultant collaborates with your organizational stakeholders to produce a list of high-risk systems and components our assessment software can analyze. This software helps us develop:

  •       Visibility into your vulnerable applications, servers and devices, including those connected to the Internet of Things (IoT).
  •       Priority items categorized based on their particular level of risk.
  •       Root causes of vulnerabilities, such as an outdated software version, a misconfiguration or continued use of a default password.

Project Deliverables for Vulnerability Assessments

Once our experts conclude the initial vulnerability assessment, you receive:

  •       In-depth reports: Your primary report details the specific vulnerabilities our assessment uncovers. We’ll also provide a listing of your top vulnerable assets and devices.
  •       Remediation plans: We’ll deliver proactive strategies for reducing your risks and links to update software. These plans follow an order of prioritization, so you can confidently tackle the highest threats first.
  •       Professional presentation & consulting: We’ll review our findings and blueprints with you to answer any questions and concerns you may have. Your consultant will also show you how the roadmap helps align your company with the NIST CSF guidelines.

Why Partner With Morefield?

Companies throughout the area turn to Morefield for vulnerability assessments because of our:

  •       Comprehensive approach: Each vulnerability assessment includes a secondary review within the project time frame. This follow-up evaluation happens after you’ve implemented your remediation plan and comes with a final report.
  •       Exceptional customer service: Our team is dedicated to outstanding customer satisfaction. We work hard to earn and keep your continued trust and business with every interaction.
  •       Wide range of solutions: Morefield is an end-to-end technology solution provider. We can help you improve your defenses in many ways, including cybersecurity training, physical security measures and cybersecurity assessments.
  •       Experience: Our team is among the most highly qualified, with decades of collective experience. They have the significant industry knowledge and expertise to deliver results you can trust.

Reduce Vulnerabilities With Morefield

Our cybersecurity vulnerability consultants are ready to help you enhance your security posture with a better understanding of your unique risks and a customized plan to decrease them. Ready to see how we can help?

Request a free 10-minute consultation, or connect with a Morefield team member for more information.

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