The Nonprofit IT Landscape

Nonprofit organizations work to provide benefits to the public. These benefits encompass several sectors, including religious, charitable and educational purposes. As they work toward these goals, they must have the technology to manage their planning, keep information safe and fit their unique business needs.

One of the significant hurdles nonprofits face is balancing the funding received and the charitable objectives they want to achieve. On average, about 14% of nonprofit revenue comes from donations, primarily from individuals. This income stream may not always be steady, meaning nonprofits need optimal planning and budgeting technology to use funds to their fullest potential when they are available.

Whether you need better budgeting technology or want a company that can enable you to utilize all your technology solutions to their highest potential, come to Morefield. We provide superior managed information technology (IT) services for nonprofits in Pennsylvania. We partner with you to strategize the best uses for technology to advance your organization.

Challenges Facing Nonprofits

Nonprofits are unique organizations that strive for positive social change through various endeavors. As they seek to accomplish their goals, they face several unique challenges:

  • Planning with strategic IT: Grants and individual donations often come in waves, leaving your organization with small windows for using funds to accomplish projects. You need planning and budgeting tools that allow you to act fast when money becomes available.
  • Building collaborative work resources: Many nonprofits use software like Microsoft 365 to accomplish their work. As they invest money into this software, they want to ensure they use it to its fullest potential to improve their workflows.
  • Streamlining business applications: Many nonprofits utilize various business applications, including cloud and on-premises software. As they balance the tools they use, many express a desire for solutions that better fit their work.
  • Storing sensitive client information: Many nonprofits deal with confidential data including client medical records, employee bank accounts and the payment details of high-profile donors. This information requires cybersecurity services for nonprofits that align with compliance standards to keep data safe.
  • Securing devices everywhere: Your organization might accomplish work in the office or on the go. In both situations, employees need secure devices that safeguard critical data.

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Your organization’s work can shape the world for the better, and we can improve your technology use to aid in achieving your charitable objectives. With solutions from Morefield, you can streamline your work and keep information safe. Here are a few services we offer for nonprofits:

Managed IT services: We free your organization to focus on critical objectives like finding donors and accomplishing charitable work by providing managed IT for nonprofits. We provide everything from technology assessments to network services, and we update your systems regularly for greater productivity.

Collaboration: When other software like Microsoft 365 doesn’t fully serve your collaboration, Morefield provides a single communication platform for seamless employee correspondence. You can do conferencing, phone calls and more with an organized, well-maintained system.

Cloud integration: We can transfer all of your programs and documents to the cloud. With your resources in one place, you can streamline business applications by enabling authorized access from anywhere.

Data security: Many nonprofits suffer high vulnerability to cyberattacks. As part of our nonprofit cybersecurity services, we can assess your security, train employees about proper safety and keep information safe with firewalls and malware protection.

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Why Nonprofits Choose Us

We serve as your dedicated partner to handle all your technology. We have provided technology solutions for Pennsylvania businesses and nonprofits since 1945. We have the expertise to handle your nonprofit’s technology challenges and make your organization run more effectively.

As a local company, we have the flexibility to provide fast support and exceptional customer care to our clients. We also use conservative financial management to ensure low overhead costs. We want our technology solutions to aid your nonprofit’s work by offering various price points to meet your budget.

Another reason nonprofit clients like to work with us is that we provide a comprehensive suite of technology solutions. Rather than outsourcing your information technology to multiple organizations, you can trust us for all the services you need to make a difference.

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At Morefield, our IT services for nonprofits advance your technology use, creating streamlined solutions that enable you to get more done. As your technology partner, we provide access to all the products and services that make your organization function, from protecting donor information to improving communication and collaboration.

We are always there to support your business and provide fast turnaround times, allowing you to work more efficiently. To learn more about our IT services for nonprofits, contact us online today.


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