Preparing Your Community’s Network for the Connected Resident On-Demand Webinar

Learn What Questions to Ask Now

Originally recorded July 20th at 10 A.M – Watch On-Demand Now

Morefield has seen an increasing demand on the evolving network needs of senior care communities. As we work within communities, we have seen a drastic increase in the reliance on internet bandwidth trending as smart devices and IoT skyrocket into the lives of families. Video-enabled applications that offer the ability to see each other with the touch of a button, to communicate with medical professionals, alert maintenance or request transportation, are just a few of the conveniences that have become the social norm of today’s senior living community. While many older adults still hesitate to fully embrace some technologies, simple-to-use devices have made navigating the digital world easier, and the circumstances of the past few years have forced many to adapt.

What we know:

  • Smart technology use continues to trend upward and has generated a greater demand for bandwidth and expanded wireless capabilities throughout senior communities.
  • Administrators are now responsible for providing support to a variety of smart devices that are connected, accessible, and protected on the network.
  • The rising demand brings into perspective the need for future planning of the networking and Wi-Fi.


Learn what questions you should be asking now so that you can meet the needs of your residents in the upcoming years.

Jonathan Mifflin

Jonathan is an industry expert and the Cloud Carrier Services Team Lead at Morefield Communications. Mifflin is focused on helping organizations make smart technology decisions. Originally from Charlottesville, Virginia and currently living in Altoona, Mifflin works out of Morefield’s regional office. Mifflin has over 23 years of experience working in the technology industry. Since joining Morefield in 1997, he has worked in various roles including systems engineer and client innovation manager. His strong client focus and strategic thinking has been instrumental in integrating new technologies into Morefield’s practice.



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