On-Demand Webinar: How can SD-WAN & SASE Help My Organization Digitally Transform?

Originally recorded on Tuesday, March 2, 2021 – 11:00-11:45 a.m. EST

30 mins + Q&A

Morefield clients are embracing digital transformation to prepare their business for 2021 and beyond. Forward-looking organizations are looking to ensure application performance, availability, and security while enabling global, always-on collaboration with video and voice.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • The benefits of a software-defined network (SD-WAN), and why organizations are deploying it at a rate in which it will grow from a 6.7 billion market today to 20.0 billion by 2024
  • The flexibility of SD-WAN options from Masergy – Managed, Co-Managed, Do-it-Yourself
  • What is SASE and how does that align to my SD-WAN strategy?


Watch to answer the following questions:

  • Are a majority of your employees working from a home office? Will you offer remote working post-Pandemic?
  • Is your organization re-thinking your real estate footprint?
  • Allocation of assigned office space vs. open huddle space for employee collaboration
  • Will 2021 drive new approaches for commercial real estate, will you need to act quickly to accommodate these plans?
  • An engineered circuit can take 10 to 12 weeks to complete provisioning.
  • Can your organization’s plans accommodate 10 to 12 week construction windows? Need to move faster?

SASE and SD-WAN flexibility will be important to businesses going forward. Prepare your workforce for transitions post-COVID: the emergence of the Hybrid Workforce, migration from large corporate offices to smaller regional offices, alterations to commercial real estate, inclusion of home office, etc.


About our Presenters

Ray Watson is the Vice President of Technology at Masergy, a global solutions provider focusing on cybersecurity solutions for multinational corporations. In addition to a degree from Purdue University and numerous industry certifications, he also has 22 years of frontline experience in the prevention and mitigation of attacks from cyber criminals, hacktivist groups, and nation state actors.

Ray frequently teaches about advanced security for global corporations, as well as federal and international law enforcement agencies. Ray has spoken at InfoSec conferences such as Black Hat and Shmoocon, as well as teaching classes on OpSec (Operational Security) at cryptocurrency conferences globally. Ray is the host of the “Tribe of Hackers” podcast, and is featured in the Tribe of Hackers Security Leaders book.

You can follow Ray on Twitter by going to RayRedacted.com


Jonathan Mifflin is an industry expert and the Cloud Carrier Services Team Lead at Morefield Communications. Mifflin is focused on helping organizations make smart technology decisions. Originally from Charlottesville, Virginia and currently living in Altoona, Mifflin works out of Morefield’s regional office.Mifflin has over 23 years of experience working in the technology industry. Since joining Morefield in 1997, he has worked in various roles including systems engineer and client innovation manager. His strong client focus and strategic thinking has been instrumental in integrating new technologies into Morefield’s practice.





If you have any questions, please contact Briana Carr at briana.carr@morefield.com


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