On-Demand Webinar: Application Access when you’re Working from Home

Join Morefield and EvolveIP to learn some work from home best practices, including a WFH Checklist and additional tools like Workspaces to simplify your new work environment.


Watch Morefield and EvolveIP on demand to learn how you can:

  • Keep your people safe and secure while ensuring that they are still engaged and able to collaborate with others
  • Securely access the tools and applications you need to do your job from any place, with any device, and at any time
  • Use video to connect with co-workers and customers alike when you can’t meet with them face-to-face
  • Manage my employees experience via a single end user experience

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Nearly all of the core applications we use daily (think MS Office and Salesforce.com) have migrated to SaaS and are delivered to us via the internet. In fact, we’ve reached a point where only a few legacy applications are actually installed and running on our PCs.

This has resulted in a whole new set of challenges for both end users and IT departments alike. For end users, we now have to remember countless usernames and passwords to tons of different web-based applications. For IT departments, this has created a whole new problem trying to secure and manage access to applications that live outside of the Active Directory.

Workspaces from Evolve IP solves that challenge by delivering “the right tool for the right role”. Whether you’re a 100% SaaS user, a user that needs just a couple of legacy applications, or a user that needs a full desktop O/S experience, we can deliver the right experience based on the end user’s individual requirements and a more cost-effective solution for the customer. Please join Ryan Berg, Evolve IP’s SVP of Sales, and Morefield Communications as we dive into this whole new paradigm to desktop computing.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Briana Carr at briana.carr@morefield.com

Originally broadcast on 4/16/20

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