Morefield A/V expert on free streaming tools and how to use them


Keeping your organization informed using free streaming tools during COVID-19

During this uncertain time, many of us will find a need to relay or stream information to our organizations. Some of us have professional tools to help us do this, but others will be utilizing some of the free tools available online to keep cost low. These free tools can be extremely useful, but sometimes you will encounter some quirks or unknown elements that would’ve been helpful to know beforehand. Morefield A/V Systems Engineer, Fred Weidemann, walks through some unexpected challenges he encountered while helping his church set-up and use these free streaming tools to broadcast to their congregation. Watch his video as he walks through some of the free streaming tools available and some useful tips to know while utilizing these tools. Hopefully his helpful suggestions will make your streaming experience easier!

If you would like professional help streaming video content, contact us directly and we would be glad to help – (717) 761-6170 or

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