Dialing 988 will connect callers directly to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

On July 16, 2020, the FCC adopted rules to establish 988 as the nationwide, easy-to-remember 3-digit dialing code for Americans in crisis to connect with suicide prevention and mental health crisis counselors. The rules require phone service providers to direct all 988 calls to the existing National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by July 16, 2022.

To ensure that calls to 988 reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, all providers will be required to implement 10-digit dialing in areas that both use seven-digit dialing and use 988 as the first three numbers in seven-digit phone numbers.

What you can expect:

  • Agreement clients – There is no action you need to take.
  • Non-Agreement clients can open a ticket by emailing support@morefield.com or calling 717-761-6170.

Timeline for Transition to 10-Digit Dialing: 

  • On July 15, 2022, this process must be completed in all the affected area codes in their service areas. On and after this date, local calls dialed with only 7 digits may not be completed, and a recording will inform you that your call cannot be completed as dialed. Consumers must hang up and dial again using the area code and the 7-digit number.
  • Beginning July 16, 2022, dialing “988” will route calls to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

As always, our team is ready and happy to assist you if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Additional Resources:


PA Dept. of Human Services: 988 A Direct Link for Suicide Prevention and Crisis Support

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