COVID-19 business continuity

How Morefield can help Ensure Business Continuity during COVID-19

Each day, we help organizations evolve their business technology and introduce new forms of collaboration and mobility into their workforce. We have been ready to assist our partners in past times of uncertainty; we are here for you today and we will continue to be here for our clients in the future. Morefield has a long and stable history you can count on in uncertain times. Please let us know how we can assist your organization. We are here for you and our thoughts are with all those who are impacted. by COVID-19.


What Can Morefield Help Me Implement Today?

Remote Working Tools:

  • Cisco Webex allows employees to stay connected to their teams and continue their business operations.
    • Free 90-day licenses to businesses
    • Enabling existing customers by expanding their usage at no additional cost
    • Discounted pricing available
  • Microsoft Office is perfectly built for document sharing with One Drive, conferencing with Skype, messaging and sharing with Teams. Microsoft Teams can help maintain connectivity to aid in information sharing, even while working remotely, even if you work for a business that isn’t currently licensed for Teams.
  • Discounted pricing available on laptops, desktop & workstations
  • Single number reach, cloud voice, and smartphone access use a single corporate number to be reached at the office, at their home office, or on their mobile device.

Virtual Learning:

  • Webex is providing special features for virtual learning education during this time.

IT Security:

  • Cisco Umbrella protects users from malicious Internet destinations whether they are on or off the network. Existing customers are able to exceed their user limit to support an increase in remote workers & new customers can access a free license.
  • Duo Security enables organizations to verify users’ identities and establish device trust before granting access to applications. Existing customers are able to exceed their user limit to support an increase in remote workers, and new customers can access a free license.
  • Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client empowers employees to work from anywhere on company laptops or personal mobile devices. It also provides the visibility and control security teams need to identify who and which devices are accessing their infrastructure. Existing AnyConnect customers can exceed their user limit to support an increase in remote workers, and new customers can access a free license.

Physical Security:

Who should use these tools?

With today’s developing situation, we would stress preparedness to ensure business continuity. Depending on your organization’s size and need to work remotely different tools are available to ensure secure connectivity and collaboration. Mobile work tools are available to be used in all industries and for organizations of every size. If you aren’t sure where to begin, please give us a call and our experts will help you.

I didn’t plan to deploy remote working solutions in my 2020 IT budget. What should I do?

We understand that many 2020 IT budgets did not include COVID-19 contingency plans and we are happy to extend special pricing, financing and several free collaboration and secure remote connectivity tools during this time. Let’s discuss what you need and how we can help you.

Are there precautions I should take with my access control?

In times of caution, streamlining entrances and exits become essential to many organizations. Access control and CCTV can help you keep only authorized personal entering your facility and campus. Controlling who comes in contact with your staff, members, patients or students is extremely important at this time to limit possible exposure.

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Other Technology Options to Consider


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